Thursday 25 January 2018

Plan a holiday Experience - Sterling Holiday Differently

I have passion towards trekking and adventure travel. But when comes to having a holiday I want to enjoy those moments with my loved ones. To plan a holiday it’s a great task. Yes there are many holiday planning partners’ help you in the process and sell out the itinerary.
Traveling and planning your holiday are two different things. There all the chances you have opportunity to travel one place to another due to personal reason or due to official. But taking break from all your personal and official chores is very important. This is where you plan your holiday. Experts say that taking small vacations like 3 to 5 days much delighted than having a vacation of month together. When you take small holiday plans you will be engaging with lot of activities. Feel happy, your memories will cherish and off course your budget won’t shoot out. As I said partners plan your itinerary but the experience at the place matters a lot to us.
Holiday is now not only restricted to destination or any occasion. It has gone way beyond, like official meetings and events, Family tour, Adventure tour, relaxation destination, Honeymoon spots and so on. This is where Setrling comes in to picture to provide you the complete experience. Sterlinghas its unique way of holiday plans where the activities and leisure is memorable.

sterling logo

Below destination in India where they provide amazing experience of travel, local food, indoor and outdoor activities, memorable stay and scenic beauty.

AGRA - Sterling Agra,
ANAIKATTI - Sterling Anaikatti,
CORBETT - Sterling Corbett,
DAMAN – Sterling, Daman
DARJEELING - Sterling Darjeeling,
DHARAMSHALA - Sterling Dharamshala,
DINDI - Sterling Dindi,
GANGTOK - Sterling Gangtok,
GOANew - Sterling Goa Varca, Sterling Goa Bardez,
KANHANew - Sterling Kanha,
KARWAR - Sterling Karwar,
KODAIKANAL - Sterling Kodai Lake, Sterling Kodai Valley,
KUFRI - Sterling Kufri,
LONAVALA - Sterling Lonavala,
MANALI - Sterling Manali,
MUNNAR - Sterling Munnar,
MUSSOORIE - Sterling Mussoorie,
NAINITAL - Sterling Nainital,
OOTY - Sterling Ooty Elk Hill, Sterling Ooty Fern Hill,
PURI - Sterling Puri,
SARISKA - Sterling Sariska,
SHIRDI - Sterling Shridi,
THEKKADY - Sterling Thekkady,
WAYANADNew - Sterling Wayanad,
YELAGIRI - Sterling Yelagiri,
YERCAUD - Sterling Yercaud.

Every destination is unique culturally, geographically and spiritually. Sterling made its point that in India they can provide the diversified holiday experience. 
The new experience with Sterling is they provide wonderful office experience with the breath-taking landscapes. This is where corporates will provide their employees a happy holiday. Every team or floor will take holiday and enjoy. This will boost the employee motivation to work productively.

I have been called for an event by sterling where many bloggers invited. Sharing our own experience about travel, fun, food, and activities. It is important to grow business if the like-minded people come together and discuss on the new advances in the Tourism industry. Well managed event with lot of information on a holiday experience.

Its not the destination, it is the memory we carry with us. Sterling has made its point to give the amazing experience. Now its your turn to decide how you want enjoy your holiday. From traditional old style travel to complete satisfied vacations and to create the memories of the life time.

Find the sterling brochure where you can really think on its offerings and book your next holiday with Sterling Holidays

This year there are many long weekends coming up. Do not think on taking long vacation. Plan on multiple holidays, like 2nights, 3 nights, with your loved ones.  These short holidays will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Open Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas - Book Review

Language: English,
Author(s): Shubha Vilas, Facebook Twitter
Year Published: 2017
Binding: Paperback,
Edition: First, Pages: 279
Rating: 4.5/5

Everyone of us are occupied with our day today activities. Stress and pain is part of life. We get some free time and we were not able to reflect ourselves and we look out for solutions. Most of the time we try not make ourselves free. In this case meditating or reflecting our life is tough.
I always tried meditating everyday for some time but couldn't schedule my time. Downloaded multiple apps on my mobile still no use of it.

Then this book caught my eye. All my life I had an assumption that meditation is done sitting quiet and reflecting. But there was no proper guidance. Many books and apps will give the technique but no proper reflection can be done.
I am reading the second book of Shubha Villas and I think author made a point to have reflection on everyone. 
You can start this book at any chapter or any time of the day. Every chapter will enlighten you with one or other aspect of life. Total 64 chapters can be read quickly. After every chapter Author will give the short reflections.

Most of time author takes examples from Mahabharata and Ramayana which make easy to understand. Simple language is used to describe the life and everyday activities. Open Eyed Meditation the Book title is justified when you start reading the book. 
Author has the unique quality of describing the life story. He do not judge the situation or mislead you on any situation. Author let you to make your own decisions through this book. When you start reading the book you are the master of your life and you have the power over your imaginations. Some point you just get enlightened with your situation. As it is said ' you are only responsible for your happiness and sadness.'  Today everyone want a peaceful life. This book helps you to trigger your senses and make the decisions. 
There is one chapter " Can I change without Changing?" which help me to understand the change in life. The reflection author give is " .....Changes can be external or internal... To accept the outside change with grace is a sign of maturity..." This what makes this book special. Every chapter every page filled with wisdom.  This is the Open Eyed Meditations.

Book for everyday life. Everyone of us need have copy and read when you get time. Mixer of spiritual and philosophy. One who looking at reflecting on his life then its the right book.

What you get?
Good knowledge and reflection on life. Help to reduce stress. Develop a simple sense of humor. Understand the human behavior in better way. You can decide what is good for you and what is bad.

Where to Buy?
Price : 250 - INR

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Wednesday 13 January 2016

Book review: The Best Seller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

Language: English,
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
Author(s): Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: Westland Books,
Year Published: October 2015
Binding: Paperback,
Edition: First, Pages: 392
ISBN-10: 9385152386
ISBN-13: 978-9385152382

Thank You BloggAdda for providing Author signed Copy

The best seller she wrote is 8th book by Ravi Subramanian, after ‘God is a Gamer’. With his unique style of writing he amazed every reader. His art lies in writing. Rather telling more about the author I would like to tell about his book.
Know more about the author on following links:
Ravi Subramanian’s Website:
Twitter: @subramanianravi

My View point about the book:

As personal I like more fiction, this book take you to the greater level. All the time suspense is what makes you happy. But in this book author has special capability that with that suspense factor he add the imagination of the reader.
To brief about the story here a financial specialist Mr Aditya, have everything in his life. Energetic and enthusiastic girl Ms Shreya want to reach to the peak. The story line looks simple in the beginning. But when you finish half the book you realise that there is much more involved in it. Aditya already married to Maya and Their son Aryan. Now Aditya meet Shreya at IIM Bangalore on his lecture session. Whether the lust, romance, love or whatever make Aditya to forget his family? Or betray his wife who trust? These thought are real in everyone has got.
I have a fixed schedule every day one hour I read. But this book made extend my timings and disturb my office hours. Every inch of the book I can brief about. Author has done excellent job here. Even though it is a fiction while reading you can feel that characters are real. It’s all about how you represent yourself. It’s not you it’s always me.
When Maya put out Aditya from house how did he felt? There are many questions raises in the mind. That’s the reason the story will stick on until you finish reading.
I had questions like what will happen to Maya and Aryan? What happens to Shreya? Whether she will be the witch of the story? The language is simple English easy to understand. Makes you feel like the real characters in life. Always connect to persons. This book left a very huge impact on me. The characterisation is done such a way that it will directly hit your personal life. If you have family and love affair life then you will think whether this story stolen from your life? Or if you are a normal person then it makes you think that in somewhere in the corner of your life you had some dilemma.

A bollywood Masala story line up. Story line up is great I want to watch this as a movie. Recommended to everyone who love fiction and understand simple facts of life.

Rating: 3.5/5

What you get?
This books gives you immense pleasure after reading it. You stressed out life will be relaxed. Makes you feel that you also can be a better person here.

Where you Buy?
Buy book: (has got offers)
Price: 295 INR

I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Kundana Port Bike Ride


Kundana fort is located near devanahalli in kundana village, once again only runs of small fort can be seen. Its a three tier fort, There is a doorway at the entrance. one can see Anjaneya temple and channakeshava temple on the fort hillock.There is a new built road till the fort wall. Look for Garuda stambha near the temples. Kundana fort is almost 40 kms from hebbal. There are no boards better to ask villagers the way to fort.
Permission : Not required
Climbing time : 30mins
Parking: At the base of the fort.
Note: Be aware of monkeys Not friendly
Near by places: Varlakunda Fort, Devanahalli Fort, Skandgiri Trek, Nandi Hills, Horagina Betta Trek, Chikkajala fort.

Thursday 17 September 2015

5 Basic Tips to Protect Your Mobile Touchscreen

Tips for Protecting Your Smartphone’s Touchscreen

Smartphones today come with incredible screen protection such as Corning Gorilla Glass 3 as well as features like being water proof. However, after a few weeks the screen does look like it’s developed a few scratches and god forbid you’re the clumsy kind who keeps dropping your phone at every opportunity you get your screen just develops major damage. Everyone’s faced that mini heart attack at least once when the phone drops and the first thing you check is if the screen is working fine?

The screen is the major attraction of any phone and maintaining it takes a bit of hard work and care. Here are a few tips to further protect your touchscreen which you love more than your life:

Watch What you Use

Most phone screens are meant to be used with the finger or the stylus. Use the stylus that has been provided with the phone and avoid using other objects on the screen. Also, the Xperia Z Ultra even allows the use of a pencil to scroll the screen, however avoid using it on other models which do not support this feature.

Managing Idle Time

We’re so addicted to our smartphones that we inherently check the screen every 5 seconds if not sooner! Most people prefer to keep the screen on even if they’re not using it- just in case. This practice can be damaging to the screen and may cause the screen to “burn-in” if it remains on idle for too long. Set the screen off timer so that the phone’s screen can be switched off after a specified idle time.
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Use the microfiber used for cleaning spectacles to also clean your mobile phone. This is one of the best tools you can use to clean your phone carefully. Clean it the same way and follow the same procedure you follow for glasses. Use a damp or moist cloth or simply use your breath to dampen the surface slightly. Avoid water or other liquids as they might seep in through the microphone or other pores damaging the phone.

Screen Protectors

No matter what kind of scratch resistant screens are promised by manufacturers, it never hurts to take extra precaution. Get the phone a good screen guard as well as a tough cover preferably with a flap to keep the phone’s screen protected from harsh surfaces. This is one of the best precautions you can take to avoid unnecessary damage or cracking to your phone.
Get great deals on screen protectors for your phone as well as amazing covers you can purchase using amazon coupons that give your phone not just a great touch up but also help you earn additional cash back over discounts.

Handle with Care

This one might sound like a no brainer but in fact many people forget they’re handling a smart phone and not an old TV remote. Do not bang the screen or use anything sharp on it. Do not tap the screen with unnecessary pressure. Even whilst playing games, do not get too enthusiastic or carried away to make a new high score and applying pressure on the screen. Games won’ t be half as fun if you spoil the screen.

Make use of these tips to prolong the life of your screen as you’re screen’s life determines you’re phones life too and in extension your life! Use it wisely!