Thursday 18 June 2009

Hit by inside Edge..!

I was just sitting and thinking myself suddenly this Thing strike in my mind "Where I am?" Its not only the question, but it mean lot more.. Today I feel like totally a zero, i did not do any achievement. After loosing my subject what I did? Nothing totally zero.! I become a burden to this earth. Now am feeling the value of one year, friends who with today some working and some doing their higher education but me? Where I am today? I am no where now.. To get back everything I need to pay a lot for it. It's not simple to regain the lost year it’s not at all possible. Now me struggling to get seat for my higher education because I did not take my studies seriously I feel like I wasted my one year life. I wana cry but I can not. I wana say my feelings but I get no one. I wana hit my head to wall but I feel pain a lot.

The one year give me a wonderful lesson to me. In my whole life I can not forget the year. I always have been positive thinker. I know how hard to be positive. When I lost my subject friends felt sorry for me, relatives winked, some said good and some ok it happens. But tell you it not the same feeling till the end because I am the looser and no one like a looser. In this world if u win and win then all will respect you praise you and everyone will come to you.. If anyone come to know that u gona be get a single negative points then look at around you. Same way happened in my life. But you should not disrespect yourself. Your the only who know u very well than anyone could. Win or loose i never let myself down in my eyes. I dono how it looks but it’s a truth.

I was a social butterfly but when u have minus marks then its very hard to be socialize. Even I stopped myself to the maximum extend.

At home is to get maximum Negligence the one who know he only can understand this.

And your loved ones they always advice you to get better and better. One year i spent like a despo. When u needs anyone the most no one will be there. Because everyone having their own tension and life.. That time you feel like hell. U will remember the days when u was good with everyone. You will remember time u had lots of fun and tears will fill your eyes still u can not cry..

These are the worst feelings i had in my one year.

What I gained is increased my will power, learned the nature of people how they change the color, Learned not to complaint for anything in life and off course being at home learned to cook very well..

At last all I want to say is simple in life you will get many up and downs so never be worried because life has unique style so be patience, Help everyone who is needy, and most important is see the past and live the present, keep in mind that you can not go back and change your past only you can do is start a new beginning and cherish your life.
"I can become anyone but I’m not someone" - KMD