Tuesday 20 August 2013

Come Back Story..!

Hi everyone.
Its been so long I stopped writing the blogs. Still have same not good writing skills :) I just wanted to tell a story this time.
A long time ago a family of four members lived in a small village. They were loving each other so much, helping each other in the work. there was a no sign of sorrow in their life. They were so happy. Everyone in the village is to feel so much good about them. One day so happened like this, It was a rainy day, Heavy lightening and thunder took the lead. the family in their small house were very scared, Mom told two kids not to open the windows and doors. Suddenly there is knock on the door mom went to see who is on the door step. she opens a door and scream louder. Kids were unaware what happened, they ran towards the front door and the moment they reach they started screaming.... My goodness it was dark the father just came inside the home with helmet on. He bought some snacks and they had it.

It was great..:) Just wanted to give some work to my fingers and brain.

There will be good post coming up.
 Thank you.

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