Tuesday 17 February 2015

Memories refreshed with “You’re the password to my life”

“You’re the password to my life” is heart touching true story by Sudeep Nagarkar. It made me cry and smile at the same time.
So for it’s the best in my appeal for friendship and love. Whether a boy and a girl can really be best buddies? This was my long time query which unanswered. Sudeep Nagarkar beautifully taken reader thoughts in his book. Story supports the thought process when it is positive. For friendship there is no boundary and one can find the ultimate love and hope of living.
“You’re the Password to My Life” unlocks the mystery of Friendship and Love.
When I started reading this book I felt it’s just another love story, my expectation about the book changed gradually, essence of friendship took me to the other extreme end. “You’re the Password to My Life” is the title given to unlock the hope in friendship. A beautiful relation on the earth which will give the freedom to live.
Whole story concentrated and on Virat and Kvya and it truly supported by Rohan, Riddhima and Zoya. Aditya Being the cousin plays the vital role in Rohan’s life.
Another thing I liked the best in the story is there is no barrier in love and when the opposite sex is involved in friendship it is very hard to manage, where in the story Mahek handles her love and friendship wisely. In fact she never doubted her love and she respected her friendship.

Brief about the Book
Main characters in the story: Virat, Kavya, Mahek, Rohan, Riddhima, Zoya and Aditya
Character description: Should go through the book which will excite you more.
Story about: True Friendship between a girl and boy which will be beyond imagination.
Story Line: Very well written, Characters will make you laugh, cry, get shock and gives you the feeling of things happening around you in real.
Author style: A simple and effective writing. Never take you around the bush instead to the point straight. Other than songs and long messages. The text messages where so long in reality I have no time to read or write.
Dislikes: Cannot stop reading until you finish the book. I missed my important meeting.
Best Part: Friend in Virat will always have a surprise for his friends.
Recommendation: I suggest every reader need to go through this book. Sudeep Nagarkar presented the true version of friendship. The spins are something which you never expected to happen, makes you stand up and clap for the author. Sudeep Nagarkar leaves a deep impact on you when you close this book. Highly recommended to everyone.

Everyone will encounter the same feelings which expressed in “You’re the Password to My Life”. The Message expressed in this book is we all require a fixed fellow in the form of a friend who makes you not only smile but cry and put you in danger still stands with you no matter what it takes. Always learn to respect the love relationship, find the purity of the situation and take the decisions. With no reason people go away from us do not judge them until you know the reality.

Read the book and write what you felt.

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