Friday 24 July 2015

Grand Canyon of India - Gandikota, Belum Caves Bike Ride

Grand Canyon of India is one of the best place I ever visited in India. Twice I have been there but the memories with are still fresh and young. One must visit the place have to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Watch the below video which I have visited:

How to plan your trip to this place. Read more on my previous post:

Grand Canyon of India

Belum Caves

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Saturday 11 July 2015

Varlakonda Fort

Varlakonda small village situated on the NH 7, on the highway till the village of Varlakonda is reached. On the left, one can sight the Hill with some fortifications on it . Take a left turn and drive for about half a kilometer.There is a small temple on the top and some old ruins. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. Although climb is easy, Initial climb is Steep. Its a less explored and unknown to public.Be ware of Monkeys!

Nearest Places to explore: Devanahalli Fort, Nandi Hills

Distance from Bangalore : 75 kms

Trek Distance: 2kms ( one way)

Trek Level : Easy

Time : 45 mins Ascend

Source: The Travel Reminiscenes: Varlakonda Fort

This is another amazing Biking cum trek happened. A awesome ride and the memories.

These moments are very hard to explain, the happiness and the feeling with it only felt by visiting. Now why waiting plan your another adventure. 

Friday 10 July 2015

Eat, Drink and Sleep. Say Yes to Honey Diet.

A happy way to live is Eat healthy , Drink Healthy and Sleep Healthy.

Diet is the word I always used and never followed. I am a kind of person who love variety of food and Ice cream. I never worries about my weight. Until I met with an accident my leg got operated and doctor advised me to lose weight as it will affect the leg. 
Now I have decide to do the diet. Well I thought it was like skipping meals a day and eating less so I can reduce. But after doing it for one week I felt energy less I don’t know what happened to me. Then again I consulted doctor. Doctor advised me to have timely food and which has less calories and eat veggies and fruits and some normal exercise. I thought let’s give it a try and started the same. Almost two weeks I have done it. But again the taste did not stop I even started taking junk food sometime. This did not help much. I couldn’t lose my weight much. I never stopped here I was continuously taking walk at least for 3 KM per day and like Doctor said having Veggies and fruits with fiber content in it and of course with less calories.
One fine day I went to my friend place and while chit chatting he said like he consuming honey for diet. I couldn’t control my laugh on him. Then he explained like morning immediately after getting up he taking honey with water and he will have his breakfast little delayed. Whenever he prefer to eat more sugar he use honey. He was doing it for past one month and he said he feeling good about it. I explained him my situation how I am doing to lose my weight. We were discussing about what happened to me and so. 
While doing the crash Diet problems I faced:
a. When I suddenly dropped my consumption rate to reduce my body metabolism got unbalanced.
b. I lost my protein and water in first week so my body got weaker, when the protein supply reduces body get weaker. 
c. Instead of Bad fat burning body consumed my Good fat which is necessary for the body.
d. When I restricted my calories my blood sugar level got reduced which another effect of the crash diet.
e. And importantly I have neglected the healthy diet. Body always required same amount of energy even if you do nothing. Organ functions consume same amount of energy even they are idle.
After analyzing where I have gone wrong I have started healthy diet. Every day I eat normal now reduced a lot sugar contents in food. Whenever I feel to eat sugar I take Honey.
When I got introduced to Dabur Honey diet plans I started using honey in almost everything. Now I am feeling very much healthy and light weight. Let me share you my diet plan

Get Up >> Warm Water with Honey/ Green Tea with Honey/Normal Tea with Honey >> Morning Walk >> Breakfast at 8.30 >> Then at 11 Am I feel like to eat chocolate so I carry a small pack of Honey bottle One tea spoon or Honey chocolate (No Sugar) >> Lunch at 1.30 >> some snacks at 4 pm and Tea >> Dinner at 8 pm very light >> one glass Milk and for taste I use Honey
It is great and awesome plan. Now I never need to skip any meal or anything. Timely food which keeps me fit. Now I eat drink and enjoy the life without worrying about anything like before.
Now I say happy Diet.

Now You can Learn More on Dabur Honey Diet Plans

Thursday 9 July 2015

Now Get Cricket Updates On UC Browser

Hello folks.
In the smartphone era everyone wants is speed. Speed means time and time is everything. Let me explain how UC browser meet your time requirements.

Cricket is highly interesting game in India and how it is integrated with UC Browser?
In India there is a lot of importance given to cricket. Leaving their all work aside they watch and enjoy the game.
Let me tell you a true incident happened with me.
It happened in Last IPL. RCB vs RR match, in the evening. I let the office to go to my home. It was heavy traffic.
The cab driver switched on is radio to know the updates as I am using my UC browser to get the ball to ball updates I was telling him the updates. Then I asked him how many duties you do for that he replied 'Sir this is my last duty today, I am going home and I will watch the match.'
What I thought like in India when the cricket match comes up then people are every ready to sacrifice their bread and butter for the sake of Cricket.

For cricket I have given less importance but I get updates on my smartphone. So I wasn't worried much. I enjoy my UC browser I believe everyone who install it feel the same. There is nothing like UC Cricket and UC browser. Even the video streaming is so smooth that now do not blame your smartphone. Start loving my smartphone more and more.

I am using UC browser from long when I use to have my Nokia Symbian OS. I had great experience since then. Now I have smartphone android running now also I use UC browser same awesome experience I feel. The new version of UC browser come up with amazing features.

The above screenshots itself explains how it is fully loaded with all the features which required under your fingertips like social connect, finance entertainment news games and lot more.

Now even you can share your favorite to dedicated apps or sites.

Multi tab feature is one of the best there no lag in switching tabs. You can also use the browser in private mode when you do not want to leave your track records.

Searching on browser took to next level. Now can search on your favourite search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.


Another best feature I liked is UC browser stays exactly where you wanted in notification area. Live notifications are updated every now and then. I get what I wanted all the time.

UC cricket is one of the best cricket updater. Never seen any cricket updates , like in above PIC I get real time updates.
Try once UC browser and get the fun.
Know More about UC Cricket click here.

Thanks to UC Browser.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

The #DaburHoneyDiet Blogger meet Bangalore

Hello Folks,
My second bloggers meet.
Another great experience.  Well organised by Dabur Honey. 
The Five Star Venue : The Zuri Whitefield Bangalore, was struck in traffic nearly for one and half hour and reached at 7.30. the event started little delayed but then it went well.
There was a short introduction by Dabur product manager Mr Shashank.
Dubur Honey being a major player in the industry now they wanted to expand their business in south India. Honey being  the highest medical value it is being consumed very less. Honey diet concept will help and it really works well than any other diet plans. Mr. Shashank was very much confident in saying that Dabur Honey is trust worthy and very much tested product and it is 100% Genuine.
Miss Pooja from Mumbai took the lead and started to enlighten he various uses and diet plans using honey. It well followed by Q&A session . Bloggers well enjoyed the session.
Live Cooking using Dabur Honey was simply amazing.
Adding to this Bloggers won few lucky vouchers too.
This meet followed by Cocktail Dinner.

This meet helped me to enlighten my knowledge about the Honey and How Dabur Honey will help out of it.
#DabourHoneyDiet Plans are very helpful in day to day life.

Few Clicks around the Meet.

Thank you Dabur Honey.

Horagina Betta Night Trekking

Horagina Betta Night Trek was another memorable trek.
Source: The Travel Reminiscence: Horagina Betta Night Trekking

Horagina Betta also known as Brahmagiri, 65 kms from Bangalore is one of the major hillocks on route to the Nandi Hill Mountain.Horagina Betta has been rarely visited by trekkers. The peak has a very beautiful Lord Shani-Eshwara temple. The evergreen forest patch on top of the hill being a favored wintering location for many migrant species of warblers, flycatchers and thrushes. Due to the presence of Nandi Hills which is a popular tourist destination. Horagina Betta has been rarely visited by trekkers.I have mentioned 2 options for trek. If it is night trek since vehicles are not allowed to enter nandi checkpost better to take 2nd option. If it’s a day trek one can take option 1. There no vehicle parking in option 1 but bikes can be parked nearby. But option 2 has unofficial parking place.     

Trek Ways: Two Options to Ascend!
1. Nandi hills road junction where we can find board of Shani-Eshwara temple (1hr).
2. Can start from Gangothri hotel. (2 -3 Hrs)

What we did: While ascending we took Second option and while returning in morning we came by First option.

Campfire: Can be done near Shani-Eshwara temple. 

Shelter: There are two open rooms if its rainy or cold near temple.    

Be Aware of: Can encounter Small snakes, Insects, Scorpions etc in the night.

Carry : Snacks, Water, energy food etc.Must take torch for night trek

Route: Bangalore - Chikkaballapur - Nandi Hills Cross -(4 kms) towards Nandi Hills .

Difficulty level: Moderate

Google Map: "Trail to Nandi One" Please follow the this you will reach the top.

View Point : 500 mts above temple, Take steps to go to view point.

Heggunda Hill

Source: The Travel Reminiscenes: Heggunda Hill

Heggunda is the massive rocky hill, Ramadevara Betta, crowned by a Rama temple on the top. Heggunda (earlier called Pokkunda) was an important city during the Hoysala period (12th Century).The iron railings installed all the way to the top provide adequate support and comfort for the city dweller long used to the elevator. Atop the hill is a small temple of Sri Rama with a tall stone pillar installed in front. It is said that Rama's sacrificial horse was tied to this post by his sons Lava and Kusha.There is temple on the foothills. After walking for 10 mins you will find Anjaneya temple, take left from there which leads to small pond and the steps with railings to reach the top.
How to Reach:

Bangalore --- Yeshwanthpur --- Dobbespet -> Right turn under the flyover leads to 

Nearest Place of interest : DD Hills, Mandargiri hills, Nijagal Betta.

Best Time to Visit: All Seasons.

Coordinates:   13°16'51"N   77°15'27"E

Parking: Park in village near temple.

Permission: Not required.