Thursday 6 August 2015

Ana in the world of Magical Castle

Children have the unique ability to create their own imaginary story. Some express in words some express in actions. Most importantly they attract to every new thing. When the #Colgate introduced its Magical Story. My niece Baby Ana wanted to play with it. Even in my busy schedule I always make time to play with her. So we have decided to play together with #ColgateMagicalStories which come with Colgate Dental Cream pack. 
In the evening around 5 pm when I came home she rushed towards me. There was pure excitement in her to play around. I gave her the Colgate Dental Cream pack, she opened it and started to explore. Watch the Video to know how she play with # Colgate Magical Castle.

It was funny that when her mother came to know that I am capturing her on my Mobile camera she changed the dress of her and then later she left the Baby Ana to play. 
Watch My Capture and her Dramatic story about the Magical castle and how princes will be saved from Dragon Castle.
My heartfelt thanks to #ColgateIndia, I was happy to spend quality time and helped me to become child for that moment.

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