Thursday 25 January 2018

Plan a holiday Experience - Sterling Holiday Differently

I have passion towards trekking and adventure travel. But when comes to having a holiday I want to enjoy those moments with my loved ones. To plan a holiday it’s a great task. Yes there are many holiday planning partners’ help you in the process and sell out the itinerary.
Traveling and planning your holiday are two different things. There all the chances you have opportunity to travel one place to another due to personal reason or due to official. But taking break from all your personal and official chores is very important. This is where you plan your holiday. Experts say that taking small vacations like 3 to 5 days much delighted than having a vacation of month together. When you take small holiday plans you will be engaging with lot of activities. Feel happy, your memories will cherish and off course your budget won’t shoot out. As I said partners plan your itinerary but the experience at the place matters a lot to us.
Holiday is now not only restricted to destination or any occasion. It has gone way beyond, like official meetings and events, Family tour, Adventure tour, relaxation destination, Honeymoon spots and so on. This is where Setrling comes in to picture to provide you the complete experience. Sterlinghas its unique way of holiday plans where the activities and leisure is memorable.

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Below destination in India where they provide amazing experience of travel, local food, indoor and outdoor activities, memorable stay and scenic beauty.

AGRA - Sterling Agra,
ANAIKATTI - Sterling Anaikatti,
CORBETT - Sterling Corbett,
DAMAN – Sterling, Daman
DARJEELING - Sterling Darjeeling,
DHARAMSHALA - Sterling Dharamshala,
DINDI - Sterling Dindi,
GANGTOK - Sterling Gangtok,
GOANew - Sterling Goa Varca, Sterling Goa Bardez,
KANHANew - Sterling Kanha,
KARWAR - Sterling Karwar,
KODAIKANAL - Sterling Kodai Lake, Sterling Kodai Valley,
KUFRI - Sterling Kufri,
LONAVALA - Sterling Lonavala,
MANALI - Sterling Manali,
MUNNAR - Sterling Munnar,
MUSSOORIE - Sterling Mussoorie,
NAINITAL - Sterling Nainital,
OOTY - Sterling Ooty Elk Hill, Sterling Ooty Fern Hill,
PURI - Sterling Puri,
SARISKA - Sterling Sariska,
SHIRDI - Sterling Shridi,
THEKKADY - Sterling Thekkady,
WAYANADNew - Sterling Wayanad,
YELAGIRI - Sterling Yelagiri,
YERCAUD - Sterling Yercaud.

Every destination is unique culturally, geographically and spiritually. Sterling made its point that in India they can provide the diversified holiday experience. 
The new experience with Sterling is they provide wonderful office experience with the breath-taking landscapes. This is where corporates will provide their employees a happy holiday. Every team or floor will take holiday and enjoy. This will boost the employee motivation to work productively.

I have been called for an event by sterling where many bloggers invited. Sharing our own experience about travel, fun, food, and activities. It is important to grow business if the like-minded people come together and discuss on the new advances in the Tourism industry. Well managed event with lot of information on a holiday experience.

Its not the destination, it is the memory we carry with us. Sterling has made its point to give the amazing experience. Now its your turn to decide how you want enjoy your holiday. From traditional old style travel to complete satisfied vacations and to create the memories of the life time.

Find the sterling brochure where you can really think on its offerings and book your next holiday with Sterling Holidays

This year there are many long weekends coming up. Do not think on taking long vacation. Plan on multiple holidays, like 2nights, 3 nights, with your loved ones.  These short holidays will make you feel relaxed and happy.