Tuesday 16 September 2014

Gionee McAfee Device Blocked Factory Reset

Hello everyone. Today morning my colleague encountered with big problem. His newly bought Gionee E7 mobile got locked unluckily by McAfee mobile antivirus. He did not even remember the PIN to unlock the phone. When he approached me for a solution as usual I tried for password reset option. My fellow colleague was happy but that happiness did not last long when I found out that the given mail id is wrong while setting up the McAfee mobile antivirus.

Now I was looking for option and I tried to check whether the email id is available for register? Answer is NO.
Finally left with only one option that is wipe data and factory reset. after confirming that he got all the backup I did the following and he got it as new.

Hard Reset
    First of all switch off your smartphone.
    Press and hold the Power and Volume Up button together.
    Release the buttons, once you enter in the recovery mode.
    Use the volume keys to navigate and press power to confirm your selection.
    Choose the factory reset/wipe data option on the screen.
The final selection confirmation by pressing the power key will start the process and within a few minutes, it’ll get completed.
While using the above two methods of hard reset, just make sure of the two below things are very important.
    First, keep your phone charged at least half.
    And second, do keep a backup of all the data you want after the hard reset.