Friday 3 October 2008

A Good Night Sleep.

HI guy's you may be thinking that what is this good night sleep all about.
Go through this you'll understand.

Most of the people in this world lost their sleep. there are several reasons for that here i was saying that how to take a god sleep after all your worries sorrows or whatever it is....
1) Establish a regular sleeping schedule:
Its more important hat you to make a sleeping schedule and you've to go to bed on a same time regularly. Do not force yourself to sleep. Once your on bed if you can not fall into sleep with in 20 minutes getup and read any newspaper or your study material or whatever you like to read. But don't listen to music its also help you to sleep but its not the right way to go. Read until you feel drowsy and then sleep, no matter where you sleep.
2) Get up at same time:
Always try to get up at the same time. don't try to make up for lost sleep by napping or sleeping late on weekends. Once you practice on getting up same time it will help you a lot in many ways. if you get up a little early in the morning you can have a small walk or yoga etc to make your mind and body steady.
3) Don't take your Troubles to Bed:
You may have many troubles or work load in day time but while going top sleep you have to be relax so that you can have a nice sleep. Clear your mind and release all your tension through progressive relaxation exercises. There are many ways to relax your mind if you relax your mind whole body will automatically relax, its all about mind stress. so don't take any stress while going to sleep. best way is forget for the time being. at first site it seem to be more difficult for that say a phrase at least 10 times while your on bed "My Mind is relaxing ","I'm feeling better", ETC. it wil help you to sleep well.

So Guy's these are the main 3 ways to have a good night sleep. I hope this will help you people to have a nice sleep. Another thing its not good to be in cell phones when you feeling so sleepy. Keep Ask God's grace also to have a nice sleep.

If you want any more relaxation ideas or a support to be feel better in your life or you've any questions please leave comments or you can also contact me on my mail id
Thank You.

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