Wednesday 17 August 2011

In to happiness...!

There is always a need of something in life. Whatever we do whatever we feel whatever search off sometimes we won't get it right. One great person said when everything is on the right you need to be on the left. I always speak about one thing whatever we do in our life it should give us happiness, and that happiness we can not express, we can not share or we can not feel sometime. 
Everyone in this world want happiness and want to feel it. and we need to have that luck or in other words we need have the GOD's grace to get it in our life. Today we go in search of happiness? I say find it in yourself its there in you. Look at the space(sky) there is no limit to it, then why do I have the limit? Why do I put boundary around me? Why do I imagine that happiness is this or that? or why do I do not feel  it in me?
Give a pause to yourself...!
Now start thinking that am I really happy? or I simply put a face of happiness?
Until we realise it we ca not proceed and we always in search of happiness. I suggest one remedy for all of this build a thought process to relax yourself and you will have your happiness. :)

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