Saturday 20 August 2011

Real...! What is it?

Go to a shop seek for the original material. without trade mark we will not buy anything. When it comes to human being, Where is our trade mark? Who is real person? What is the ISO standards for human being?  What is original to be? I never go and think of these stuff. Because I am busy? Because I do not want to know? Because I am original ?

Life is very pure, one life for life time live it with honesty, our profession will not matter but our honesty matters. We ask for one opportunity to get fulfilled and to get that we forget our originality? 
In life there are many chances we get to know that we are original or fake. Its only maters how audience know what you are? Just a thought I would like to share, we want to reach high in our life time. May be its money, fame, simplicity, rich, or at least we want to achieve our dreams and to reach the goal which is already set by us. In life's journey we become slave of our dreams. Try something original which not imitating anyone. To be something, first take step to be original in life. It will give real essence of life.

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