Tuesday 31 March 2015

Intel innovation in E-governance will be the success of #DigitalIndia

Digital India.
This is the great initiative by Government of India. I born and brought up at one of the Indian Village I complete my higher education in sub urban city and now me working at one of the metropolitan city. My journey from Village to Metropolitan city thought a lot of things.
I believe many are aware of the Digital India Vision if not end of this post I have shared the links which explains what digital India vision is.
Before 2005 there was no computer installed in our village. Only there was telephone connection and the all through paper work. The people were hardly benefited by the government schemes. No transparency in any of the governance. I believed that our village will not grow at all.
I was wrong the technology and the Digital vision made a drastic change in our village. Now every person who belongs to our village will get a message on their mobile phone of any event or any schemes that are coming up by government. There is online portal now. Every person can check their query status through the website. Now there is lot of transparency in the governance, people are benefited in all the way. 
This happened only because of technology or I can say it is #DigitalIndia. 
With regard to this Intel India taken greater initiative, to support the #DigitalIndia Vision.
Among other things, Intel India launched a mobile application that would enable digital skills training in five Indian languages. The application, which will be available for free on Android Play Store from December 6, 2014, will include modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness.
According to RS Sharma, secretary, department of electronics & IT, the Digital India program is an umbrella initiative with the vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society. “For this digital transformation to be completed, it is imperative that the government and corporates work together in creating a sustainable model for digital education. It is great to see tech leaders like Intel India come forward and support the cause with innovative computing solutions that will help Indians harness the benefits of a digital India,” he says.
This is the great start for India to make 100% IT literacy I believe Intel India doing the right thing. There still more awareness to be done in rural. I wish all the success to the #DigitalIndia vision and I wish my village gets all the benefits of E-Governance.

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